Withlocals & Lonely Planet Partner for Global Experiences

8 September, 2020

World-leading travel publisher and digital travel media company, Lonely Planet, has joined forces with Withlocals, a leader in community-driven tours guided by locals, to expand its catalog of Lonely Planet Experiences into 23 new cities while adding more private tours to existing program cities. The new additions will bring Lonely Planet Experiences well beyond 300 carbon-neutral tours worldwide.

Lonely Planet Experiences have been designed to have a low environmental footprint while having a positive impact on local communities. True to Withlocals style, all tours will be small, private and led by local experts. The tours will support locally owned-businesses while being 100% carbon-neutral – reflective of Lonely Planet's commitment to responsible travel as part of this partnership. In addition, all tours will include exclusive discounts on Lonely Planet's guidebooks, free access to Lonely Planet's flagship Guides app, plus additional Lonely Planet insight throughout the tours.

For over four decades, travellers have looked to Lonely Planet for trusted travel advice,” says Luis Cabrera, CEO of Lonely Planet. “With travel behaviors changing due to the pandemic, we see this as an opportunity to provide new Experiences tailored for communities in smaller, private settings. This will allow travelers to go deeper into the local culture and see more than the typical city center highlights.

Matthijs Keij, CEO of Withlocals added, “I am thrilled Withlocals will be part of the next phase of Lonely Planet’s growth by connecting passionate local experts with travelers from around the world through private experiences that embrace the local history, food, culture, and people.

For travelers, the tours will offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience of what it's like to truly know a place, through explorations of local food and drink, behind-the-scenes access to hidden gems, interactions with locals and insights from trusted travel experts. Travelers will gain a deeper understanding of, and connection to culture and individuals who make up a community. They will be able to delight in the sights, smells and tastes of some of the world's most exciting and original experiences that exist outside the hot tourist areas.

Cabrera adds: “I am most excited about the new markets that we’ll be adding with this expansion through Withlocals. Not just in new cities, such as Milan, Dublin, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, and Sydney, but new Experiences that venture from the city, such as the Cliffs of Moher, Atlas Mountains, Lake Como and more.

The partnership will add 40 new Lonely Planet Experiences starting off, varying from nearly 2 hours to all day. Some examples include:

Lonely Planet Experiences – Powered by WithLocals

- Atlas Mountains Day Trip, 9 hours, starting at 31 Eur p.p.

- Bruges Unveiled - Kickstart Walk, 1.5 hours, starting at 5 Eur p.p.

The launch of Lonely Planet Experiences was announced in January 2020 and is the latest in a series of new ventures by Lonely Planet as the company seeks to maximise adjacent business opportunities under the new strategic direction of recently appointed CEO, Luis Cabrera.

For media requests please contact:

Lonely Planet: Mike Nelson mike.nelson@lonelyplanet.com, US: 01 ((615) 988-9713 Ext. 110

Withlocals:  press@withlocals.com, NL +31 20 2440 076 

Notes to Editor:

Find out more about Lonely Planet Experiences at www.lonelyplanet.com/experiences

Lonely Planet and Withlocas spokespeople available for interview

Images available on request

Press trips on the tours available on request

About Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a world-leading travel publisher: a globe-spanning digital travel media company and the world's number one travel guidebook brand. We've been providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. We reach hundreds of millions of travellers each year online and via our mobile products and help them unlock amazing experiences. Over the past forty years we've printed over 145 million guidebooks as well as countless other titles showcasing the wonders of the world for travellers of all types.

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About Withlocals

Withlocals is a travel market place that connects travellers to local hosts all over the world through unique experiences, both online and offline. From cooking classes to things to do in a destination, or virtual city tours, to online workshops such as a yoga session or an origami workshop, all our experiences are crafted by local experts driven by their passions. Withlocals is offering over 2000 unique experiences with verified locals in 88 destinations.  

Find us at withlocals.com, facebook.com/withlocals, Twitter (@withlocals), and Instagram (instagram.com/withlocals).

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About Withlocals

Withlocals is a Dutch scale-up marketplace that connects tens of thousands of travelers each month. Our verified and well-trained local hosts offer personalized private tours and activities in more than 50 cities across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our vision is to end mass tourism and replace it with personalized traveling at scale. We break down the barriers that separate locals and travelers. We let locals earn their fair share with their passions and the love for their cities. While at the same time creating authentic travel experiences for travelers. This is our way to improve the quality of living in cities and brighten up the world.

How it all started
The idea of the company originated when founder Willem Maas was traveling in India. After some disappointing experiences, Willem met an amazing guide who showed him the true colours and wonders of India. When he found out Willem was working in online marketing, he asked if he could set up a website which would send guests directly to him, so he and his family would be the one profiting. That’s exactly what Willem did in 2013 when he founded Withlocals.