Withlocals Live: Online experiences hosted by locals worldwide

Withlocals launches a new initiative to make the best out of being at home, with one-of-a-kind, online experiences.

Today, Withlocals announces the most significant development in its six-year history as it moves beyond offline experiences with the launch of Withlocals LIVE. Bringing together people from all over the world around their interests and passions, Withlocals LIVE launches with 35 online experiences offered by 20 locals from 15 cities worldwide. And this is just the start. In the coming days, there will be even more experiences joining that offering from about a dozen countries.

With its mission to connect people with cultures, and seeing its entire community affected by the outbreak, Withlocals decided to take action.

“Until now, Withlocals has been about travel - meeting each other in a city and exploring that together,” says Matthijs Keij, Withlocals CEO. “But today, we go beyond that with the launch of Withlocals LIVE. Because our community has been hit extremely hard - and we want to be there for them. When we started out we imagined our whole family in the kitchen, or our friends all in their own kitchen, ready to cook. And in another corner of the world - in Bangkok, Rome or Buenos Aires, our locals would cook side by side with us. We would meet as strangers online and leave as friends. So that’s what we created, and I’m super proud we are launching this just two weeks after.”

Matthijs Keij

Having already transformed the way that over 500,000 travelers experience a city by connecting them with locals, Withlocals knows what makes for a memorable experience. With this in mind, Withlocals worked together with the locals to create online experiences so you can still connect with people around the world from your home.

And the first responses have been great. For example, one of our guests who joined an online cooking class with one of our locals in Rome told us the following.

“Me, my wife and our 8-year-old daughter had a cooking class yesterday, and we absolutely loved it. The host was terrific! He involved us, made a fantastic looking dish, and kept the experience easy to follow. It made us so excited that we couldn’t wait to visit Rome with him in the future. I’m happy to say we tried this - we all loved it.“

Examples of online experiences range from a traditional Malaysian curry cooking class with a mother and a daughter, to a Greek Socratic debating workshop, to an online tour around the Vatican museum with a PhD in Art History, or a family-friendly experience filled with stories and games for your kids. The biggest takeaway from each experience will be that you feel like you shared an experience, learned something new, and, most importantly, that you connected with the people around you and with other cultures around the world - without leaving your home. With the launch of Withlocals LIVE, there is now a place for truly different things to do during your quarantine.

Booking such an online experience and supporting locals all around the world is easy. Visit www.withlocals.com/online/, find an experience that interests you, and contact the local. Together, you can decide what the best way would be for you in terms of date, time, and the actual experience.

Announcement highlights

- 35+ online experiences available, with many more coming in the coming weeks.

- All Withlocals LIVE experiences are private online experiences with a maximum capacity of 10 people.

- LIVE experiences cover a range from traditional cooking classes, history explorations, culture deep-dives, art workshops, virtual museum visits, music performances, and many more.

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About Withlocals

Withlocals is a Dutch scale-up marketplace that connects tens of thousands of travelers each month. Our verified and well-trained local hosts offer personalized private tours and activities in more than 50 cities across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our vision is to end mass tourism and replace it with personalized traveling at scale. We break down the barriers that separate locals and travelers. We let locals earn their fair share with their passions and the love for their cities. While at the same time creating authentic travel experiences for travelers. This is our way to improve the quality of living in cities and brighten up the world.

How it all started
The idea of the company originated when founder Willem Maas was traveling in India. After some disappointing experiences, Willem met an amazing guide who showed him the true colours and wonders of India. When he found out Willem was working in online marketing, he asked if he could set up a website which would send guests directly to him, so he and his family would be the one profiting. That’s exactly what Willem did in 2013 when he founded Withlocals.